FNF vs Doxxie

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A nine-year-old girl named Doxxie loves video games. The girl has never lost, except once when she played with Boyfriend online. After that, an Internet enmity ensued between the guy and the girl, and it dragged on for a long time, until the moment when these two met in reality and decided to resolve the conflict with the help of the rhythms of music. Now Boyfriend needs to sing the song “Huxxer” better than Doxxie in order to calm the raging child and show her his superiority.

Perhaps Doxxie could beat Boyfriend in video games, but not in a rhythm battle. You can’t let a young child beat Boyfriend in the musical ring. In order for the guy to sing, you have to help him by pressing the arrow keys. You need to click accurately and in a timely manner at the moment when the running symbols on the screen become in a line with the fixed grey icons. If you manage to make it to the end of the music without making a lot of mistakes in a row, Boyfriend will be the champion as always and could put Doxxie on her place.