FNF vs Dracobot

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Dracobot is a dragon robot that becomes Boyfriend’s new antagonist. This yellow dinosaur challenged the king of music to a battle of rhythms, which will be held under the following five songs: “Power on”, “Solder”, “Scan”, “Mystery” and “Error 404”. The dragon robot is fully programmed to win, so he will fight to the end, not paying attention to the superiority of the opponent.

The Dracobot looks pretty harmless, but its winning mindset makes him a really tough opponent. In order to defeat the dragon with artificial intelligence, you need to follow the arrows that move on the screen on the right without being distracted. As soon as the running symbols come into contact with the grey signs above the BF’s head, immediately press the corresponding key. With the right clicks, you will be able to bring the king of music to victory. But in case of misses, the Boyfriend will have a fatal end.