FNF vs Emmi (Fizzy Pop Panic)

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Boyfriend really wanted to enjoy the delicious soda that the witch Emmi makes with the help of her magical abilities, and treat his girlfriend to it. But in order to get the coveted drink, you have to fight Emmi in a rhythm battle on her terms. The witch has prepared several rhythmic musical compositions for the soda drinker, and offers victory in exchange for a glass of sugary drink.

The rhythm battle with the witch Emmi will be held in three stages to the songs: “Fizzed”, “Popped” and “Glamour”. In order for Boyfriend to get what he wants, you need to hold out until the end of each song. To do this, you need to click on the arrow keys in time when a pair of identical symbols coincides together above the BF’s head. Don’t miss and follow the rhythm of the music. Only in this way Boyfriend can become a winner if the runner of success remains by his side until the end of the songs. Well, if you start making mistakes often, then an instant defeat awaits you, and you will have to go home empty-handed.