FNF vs Fear

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Each person has their own fears, some are afraid of spiders, others of heights, and still others of closed spaces. What is Boyfriend afraid of? Today, the king of music will have to face his own fear. Fear – is a cyclops with horns and a sharp knife, this is the complete embodiment of all of Boyfriend’s worst nightmares. Today, in order to cope with the fear, the guy in the cap needs to defeat creature Fear in the musical ring to the hits: “Adrenaline”, “Deranged”, and “Phobophobia”.

Boyfriend must once and for all say goodbye to his fear, which he will have to overcome in a musical battle. In order for the guy to successfully sing the song and get rid of Fear, you need to press the arrow keys in time. Pressing should be at the moment when the same symbols on the screen will touch each other. Do not rush to defeat the enemy, but act exactly to the beat of the music. With unmistakable singing, Boyfriend will be able to sing all the songs and become fearless forever.