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Ready to embark on one of the most intriguing and frightening adventures in the history of the FNF? Gather your wits and join Boyfriend as he faces off against the terrifying animatronics of the FNaF. In this installment of the series, you’ll find out how Boyfriend will rise to the challenge as he meets such foes as William Afton, Springtrap, Bonnie, and Phantom JJ. Will Boyfriend be able to overcome his fears and keep his rhythm to avenge all of Afton’s victims?

This is a high quality project with plenty of music and impressive scenes that reveal the plot. Start the game and plunge into the world of a sinister pizzeria. In order to beat with rivals in the rhythms of music, you need to fulfill the notes in time by clicking on the keys. Follow the rhythm and tap exactly at the moments of touching identical figures and their outlines, without missing them often.