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This game is a mixture of FNF and FNAF. Boyfriend enters the world of FNAF to defeat the evil animatronics that live there, to the sound of the following songs: “Party”, “Gelotophobia”, “Five Nights”, “Fun Time”, “Hide No More” and “Broken”. Even being in a foreign land, Boyfriend is able to cope with all the musicians and singers of all worlds, including the villains from FNAF.

Boyfriend can defeat all the animatronics in the music arena, but of course only with your help. To do this, you need to carefully follow the running arrows on the screen, and as soon as they coincide with the fixed gray symbols at the top, press the corresponding keys on the keyboard. Having made the right clicks until the end of the song, Boyfriend will be able to beat the villains. Otherwise, the song will have to start from the beginning.