FNF vs Future Tom

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Boyfriend has won fame in the past and in the present, and now he goes to the future, where he meets an old acquaintance, Tom, from “Eddsworld”. Tom seems to have changed a lot, and has become a lot like a cyborg. The only thing left of the old Tom is his gruffness and charisma. The musical battle between the guys will take place to the following songs: “Please Go”, “Sigh”, “Escape” and “Leave Now”.

Tom is holding a laser blaster, which you shouldn’t be afraid of, because Tom is well aware of the rules of musical duels. The only way to win is by voice and sense of rhythm. Listen to the rhythm of the music and click on the arrow keys when it’s Boyfriend’s turn to sing. Be attentive, and press the keys the moment the same arrows touch the screen. Don’t miss too often so you don’t lose, because then you’ll have to start all over again.