FNF vs Garcello’s Return

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It had been exactly one year since the day of Garcello’s death. Since then, Boyfriend had really missed their extravaganza battles with the inveterate smoker. Boyfriend came to the spot where he had last met Garcello to salute him. And then, a miracle happened, the ghost of Garcello, who can return to the world of the living only once a year, appeared in front of Boyfriend, and the day came.

Boyfriend wasn’t the only one who missed Garcello. Other characters, Sarvente, Zardi, and Whitty also came to the banner seat. Now all together they can spend some time, and remembering the old days, have a grand battle. Sing along with the characters on the right and enjoy meeting Garcello again in the FNF world. Click on the arrow keys to sing and don’t make mistakes often so you don’t lose.