FNF vs Javier

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Girlfriend calls Boyfriend to the park to show him her present from Dear Daddy, a brand new radio. In the park, the couple meets Javier, who for some reason is very depressed. This sad guy is a devoted fan of Boyfriend, and seeing his idol, he wished to take his autograph. Maybe singing together with his idol will cheer Javier up?

Sing the following songs with Boyfriend right in the middle of the park: “Autograph”, “Pencilbook” and “Therapicht”. In order to unleash Boyfriend’s talent in front of his fan’s eyes, it’s necessary for the guy to perform all three hits before the finale. To do this, you need to click on the arrow keys when identical pieces on the screen find each other and touch each other. Don’t make mistakes often so that the guy doesn’t fail the battle and doesn’t lose.