FNF vs Jordan

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Jordan is a white wolf who walks on two legs like a human. Jordan wears flared blue jeans and a beige long coat. Boyfriend met this wolf somewhere in heaven. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that Boyfriend has gone to the other world, just that he’s been thrown to visit a celestial so that he can gain fame in this world.

Jordan didn’t immediately realize what brought Boyfriend to visit him, and the wolf didn’t immediately agree to the battle, as his world lacks an audience to appreciate him. Having to perform the following three songs to win, “Nothing rocks”, “Godlike” and “Tension”. To win, the guy in the cap has to sing his part of the song better than the antagonist, which is Jordan. To do this, he needs your help, which is to click on the arrow keys when the identically shaped signs above the King of the FNF World’s cap touch.