FNF vs Jorsawsee

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Tonight at the music arena, Boyfriend will meet Jorsawsee – this is not at all an ordinary, blue traitor from a spaceship who loves basketball, as evidenced by his appearance and clothing style. Jorsawseei decided that he was a great rapper and, having prepared the song “lotowncorry”, challenges Boyfriend to a musical battle. It is a pity that this self-confident traitor will have to be disappointed so soon.

In order to defeat Blue from Among As, you need to hold out until the end of his song. To do this, Boyfriend needs your help. You need to follow the movement of the arrows on the screen, and as soon as the movable characters come into contact with the same signs fixed at the top, press the keys that correspond to them. Do not miss too often, because a series of mistakes will lead to defeat, and you will have to start all over again.