FNF vs KK Slider

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KK Slider is an adorable white dog who is a great artist ang can play the guitar masterfully. KK Slider invited Boyfriend and his girlfriend to his open-air concert, during which the dog invited Boyfriend to come on stage, and they had a real battle of rhythms to the songs: “Bubblegum KK”, “KK Cruise” and “KK Metal”.

The white dog knows a lot about music and is an excellent performer, so you will have to try not to fall face down in the dirt in front of a huge audience and beloved girlfriend. To do this, you must tell Boyfriend when it’s time to sing. When the flying arrows on the screen reach the fixed outlines, click on the keys corresponding to them. At the bottom of the screen, you will see an indicator that shows the progress of each of the participants. In order for him to be on Boyfriend’s side, you need to make as few mistakes as possible, because otherwise KK Slider will win and Girlfriend’s heart may also be in jeopardy.