FNF vs Kris

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Kris is a guy with a sword who looks like an emo. Kris wears long black hair and a pink bandana around his neck. Today this guy will be the new antagonist of Boyfriend, together with whom they perform the songs “Field of Hopes and Dreams” and “Rude Buster”. This mod is absolutely not suitable for beginners, so if you don’t have enough experience, you should choose something else.

In addition to Kris, with whom Boyfriend will sing two songs, he invites Jevil to play his game, in which he will have four suits instead of arrows, and they will be constantly on the move. In any case, you have to try to perform each song to its last note. To do this you have to listen to the rhythm and follow the movement of symbols on the screen. As soon as the colored symbols come into contact with their gray twins at the top, click on the keys corresponding to them, and so on to the end of the music.