FNF vs Lucky Rabbits (vs Mouse D-sides)

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Girlfriend found some old disks in the attic, and suggested her boyfriend take up watching them. Having inserted the disk into the set-top box, nothing changed on the screen, that it seemed that the record on the disk was not at all. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge hand came out of the TV and dragged the couple into the D-Side universe, to the house of Ozzie the Lucky Rabbit. A rhythm battle is set to take place that will last well into the night to the musical compositions of “Reception”, “Illusion”, “Breakdown”, “Dilemma” and “Crazy Rabbit”.

The four-way battle won’t be easy at all, as Ozzy is wonderful at performing his songs, and Boyfriend will have a tough time. Help the guy will be just right so that he does not fall in the mud in front of his fiancée, and was able to show his superiority. In order to prompt the King of Music’s notes, you need to follow the movement of the arrows, and at the time of their connection in pairs, click on the keys responsible for them. Try to sing without errors, so that the success indicator does not go to the side of the rabbit ever.