FNF Vs Matt’s Pursuit Deluxe Edition

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The world of rhythm games with your favorite Matt from WiiSports is waiting for you! This character is known for his incredible rhythm game skills, and the new version of Matt brings with him even more new and exciting songs on which to test your musical skills.

From Matt’s first song to his last, you’ll be treated to a variety of amazing musical adventures. The main menu offers a choice between story mode and free play mode, where you can test your music skills and battle Matt in his quest for supremacy. Watch the arrow symbols that appear above Boyfriend and press the corresponding keys at the right moment to hit the beat of the song. Don’t skip too many notes in a row or Matt will win. Use all your skills to conquer the top of the rhythm game and beat Matt at his own game. Check out the full track list for this mod:  Racket Rumble Rush Resort Tennis Match Home Brew Sword Fight Rival Stardust Knockout Fursuit