FNF vs Mokey the Mouse

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Boyfriend was transported to a completely white universe, where there are no flowers, but only a white background, and Mickey Mouse, his beloved mice, returned to meet him. But no, wait, it’s not Mickey, it’s Moki, the same funny little mouse in red pants, but less famous, although he has a great voice. Moki wants to show that he sings no older than his brother Mickey, who fought with Boyfriend more than once in a musical battle, and also enters the ring for highlighting.

The game has two modes familiar to us – free play and history. Choose a mode and start the battle to the sounds of the following melodies: “Boy”, “Ah Hyuk”, “Dilan Noises”, “Krimah”, “Yekom”, “Christmas Hope”, “Waa Hoo”. The main thing is to sing the song to the very end with the least number of misses. Click on the arrows on the keyboard as soon as the identical arrows on the screen reach the top and coincide with their display. Each mistake reduces the Boyfriend’s chances of winning, so try to keep up with every key in the song.