FNF vs Nectar SpongeBob

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SpongeBob has become a hardworking bee who can’t wait to taste freshly made nectar. To do so, Bob the bee goes to the dwelling of Squidward the octopus, where he meets the host himself and a rhythm battle begins between them. Help Bob the Bee to be the winner in the next two songs: “Entomophobia” and “Nectar”.

Regardless of the game mode you choose, you will be helping Bob the Bee to become the best vocalist of the battle, which will take place in two stages. In order for Bob the Bee to win, you must perform the song until the final chord. The arrows on the screen will tell you when you need to perform the notes. As soon as the figures that move, come together with their fixed pairs, click on the key corresponding to them. If you make several mistakes in a row, you will lose and the song will be interrupted immediately.