FNF vs NeedleStick Sonic

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Late at night, Boyfriend was walking with his beloved when he heard the sounds of music coming from a dark alley. As he got closer, Boyfriend saw a Sonic puppet with a needle in its head lying near an urn. What kind of puppet was that, and why was its head pierced with a needle? Or maybe someone wanted to mock Sonic himself by creating a voodoo doll? But it turns out that the puppet can also sing, which Boyfriend couldn’t miss.

There’s only one Story mode in the game, but as you progress through it, you can unlock the following playlist: “CastOff”, “Acupuncture”, “ToyKeeper”, “Bad End”, “Lumbered Hill” and “So Little TIme”. Depending on the quality of the tracks, there are two endings to the game. Ready to check out each one? Start singing by clicking on the arrows to catch characters as they form pairs. Don’t make frequent mistakes to be able to continue the game further.