FNF vs NekoFreak (Remastered)

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This mod will take you back in time and you will see what kind of girls Boyfriend had before he met Girlfriend. Boyfriend used to date a lot until he met his real one. Almost two months before he met his girlfriend, Boyfriend had three unusual encounters and you will soon find out how they turned out for him.

The game features three musical weeks that will take place on different dates to the following songs: “Red Flag”, “GTFO”, “The Date,” “Left Swipe”, “Trippin”, “Datura Dynamo”, “Smol”, “Frontin” and “Hubris”. In each week, Boyfriend will compete against different girls. Help Boyfriend win and wash out of the date. To do this, you need to correctly click on the arrow keys to catch the right notes of the song when the running signs touch their twins.