FNF vs OK K.O.

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Collaborations between the musical world FNF and other universes have already become familiar in the vastness of FNF. This time, a cheerful character from the Cartoon Network, named OK K.O., penetrates the music world, who wants of defeat Boyfriend in a musical rhythm battle and taking his place. OK K.O. well prepared for the competition with a serious opponent, and can perfectly perform the track “Knock Out”, under the sound of which the duel will take place.

So that Boyfriend does not have to give up his tidbit to the guy from the cartoon, you need to take the task seriously. Do not be distracted of the arrows flying on the screen, and follow the rhythm of the music. Boyfriend will be able to hold out until the very end of the song only if you accurately click on the right arrow keys. When you see that the movable multi-colored figures coincided with the grey figures of the same shape, click on the button corresponding to them. If you hold out to the end, you will win, otherwise you will have to start the task from the beginning.