FNF vs Ood

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Ood is an evil bearded man who is a member of the Society of Believers in Truth. When Ood met Boyfriend, he immediately became enamored with the desire to join the famous King of Music into his society. But the guy’s reluctance caused a storm of emotions in the bearded man, which he is ready to throw out in the musical ring, and in case of victory, Boyfriend will be forced to become a member of the Ood’s community. This mod immediately adds eight musical compositions for which the battle will take place: “Come-faith”, “Punishment”, “Unfaithful”, “Desperate”, “Rattatui”, “Probation”, “Bbt” and “Oodpurgation”.

The leader of the secret society is a good musical performer, and the fight against him will be really long, as there are already eight songs ahead, each of which must be completed to the end. So that Boyfriend does not remain on the losers, and he does not have to enter the Ood’s Community, you need to perform a song by pressing the arrow keys to the rhythm of the music. As soon as the moving figures on the screen coincide with the grey fixed outlines, click on the keys corresponding to the combinations. Get to the end of one song and move on to the next. After a long battle, Boyfriend still has to achieve victory and get rid of the annoying Ooda for good.