FNF vs Pandora’s Box

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Girlfriend dragged Boyfriend to the hypermarket to buy herself some new things. While the girl was choosing clothes for herself, Boyfriend was attracted by one room from which a strange sound was coming. Boyfriend looked in and saw the box in the middle. which was covered with an iron chain. And then the box came to life… And what secret it hides will soon become known.

Boyfriend starts his battle with the box before something very unusual appears. The duel will take place to the following songs: “Reactivated”, “Fragile”, “Unboxing” and “Mimicry”. Win the battle with the box and see what’s inside. This requires the guy to sing correctly and not get his words wrong. Help him by clicking on the arrow keys. Watch the movement of the figures, and click on the buttons on the keyboard, at the moments of connecting the pairs above BF’s head.