FNF vs Pastel Impostor

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This Impostor has always resented being called Coral, for he claims that the color of his costume is Pastel Red. This Pastel Impostor is quite aggressive, with a sharpened knife on his head and a huge saber in his hand. Although the spaceman is armed to the bone, that doesn’t give him the right to use the weapon when it was decided to have a rhythm battle.

Boyfriend vs. Pastel Impostor to perform four pieces of music: “Intensity”, “Fearless”, “Messer” and “Nor Coral”. You can show to Impostor the superiority of the guy in the cap by performing all tracks until the finale. To do this, you need to closely follow the arrows that run to the right. As soon as the figures touch the still reflections above, immediately click the arrows to start singing. Don’t miss often before the song ends, because it depends on whether Boyfriend can make it to the finale.