FNF vs Plate

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Plate is an adventurous magician who has dressed up in a bright golden outfit and a golden top hat to match. Plate also purchased his own golden microphone to draw even more attention to himself. It should be noted that this boastful wizard is a good vocalist and it will not be easy to overcome his virtuoso singing. The musical battle between the magician and the King of Music Boyfriend will be held to the song “Mana”, which is played for the first time in the FNF.

Do not be distracted by the magician Plate, who will try in every possible way to divert your attention by doing various tricks. For Boyfriend to be able to sing the song to the last note and become the champion of the musical battle, you need to follow the arrows on the screen without being distracted and listen to the rhythm of the music. When the flying arrows coincide with the fixed outlines, click on the corresponding key. Do not stop what you started, but hold out until the end of the music and consider victory in the hands of your hero.