FNF vs Ray the Battery

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Boyfriend went to the supermarket and while choosing chips for the evening, he remembered that the TV remote control had completely run out of batteries. Boyfriend immediately went to the shelf with batteries, when suddenly Ray appeared in front of him. He’s an energy junkie who’s so full of lithium that he looks like he’s about to explode. Along with Rey, Boyfriend will perform the song “Charge Insanity”, the rhythms of which are as energetic as Rey himself.

There’s only one song in this mod that Boyfriend will perform against a charging Ray. Don’t worry Boyfriend’s battery won’t explode, at least not yet. Sing the song boldly by clicking on the arrow keys. Wait for the moment of connection of identical symbols and then, click on the key corresponding to them. Try not to make mistakes many times in a row, so as not to lose the battle, the title of champion in which should go to Boyfriend.