FNF vs Roblox Guest 666 (Unwanted Guest)

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Boyfriend faces his most unpredictable challenge yet – an encounter with a mythical character of legend. Guest 666, famous for his sinister reputation, has become an object of fear and anxiety for many Roblox players. But today it’s time for Boyfriend to test his mettle in a musical battle with this legendary character.

A tracklist filled with intense melodies awaits our hero, and every note will be a test for his skill and rhythmic accuracy. “Encounter” with Guest 666 will be the first test where Boyfriend must demonstrate his readiness for the challenge. The following tracks such as “An Evil Guest”, “Ritual” and “Removed” will test his ability to follow the musical rhythm and maintain his concentration at the most critical moment. But even when the atmosphere is filled with tension and anxiety, Boyfriend must remain calm and focused. “Bloxed” and “Rust” are the last tracks that will test his stamina and perseverance to the limit. Only the perfect execution of every note, precise compliance with the rhythm and instant reaction to every change in the musical progression will help Boyfriend to defeat Guest 666 and become a true hero of the Roblox music world.