FNF vs Rush (Roblox Doors)

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A locked door can’t inspire complete trust, especially if you’re in a game of Doors. Here behind each of the doors can hide a scary monster. Boyfriend went to the world of Roblox, and found himself in the middle of a long corridor with a dozen locked doors. The guy turned on a flashlight and began to move leisurely along the corridor. But suddenly the light began to flicker, which is known to signal the approach of a monster named Rush.

Boyfriend is not the kind of guy who would hide. It doesn’t take long for Boyfriend to get into a confrontation with Rush, to the song “The Doors.” Will you help your vocalist win the rhythm duel? To do so, you need to keep an eye on the symbols that will start moving once it’s Boyfriend’s turn to perform the verse of the song. To make the guy sing correctly, you need to click on the arrow keys at the moments when the same figures converge at the top of the screen, and so on until the end of the song.