FNF vs Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses B-Side Remixes

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Description and purpose of the game

Sarv and his friends again found themselves in everyone’s favorite game, where they once again fought to death with Boyfriend in a rhythm battle. You, as before, have to defeat the antagonist, perfectly performing five familiar tracks in a new wrapper. Remixes are presented here, for example, Parish Remixed, Casanova Remixed, and others, which are distinguished by increased energy, which means that the complexity will also increase.

How to play

To put the next antagonist in place, it is necessary to sing unmistakably. You can’t miss the notes and it’s entirely up to you. Click on the arrows when two identical ones on the screen coincide with each other. Sometimes the buttons need to be held for a short time if the “tail” is behind the figures. Thus, you can earn points and break into the leaders, and you can only win if you hold out until the end of the song.