FNF vs Shaggy x Matt But only 4 Keys

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
The game is loading...

Description and purpose of the game

Shaggy and Matt have once again appeared in the FNF universe and are ready to fight with Boyfriend to the victory. In no case should you retreat and you need to do everything to win in rhythm beat and win back your beloved. There are three brand new tracks ahead of you: “Force Connection”, “Revenge” and “Final Destination”.

How to play

During the first song playing, you will control Mat, and you will have to fight against Scooby’s best friend. The next stage is a battle against that very black guy, and you will already be playing for BF. In the final battle, a musical duel with two new antagonists awaits you. Just click on the arrows at the right moment and try not to miss.