FNF vs Shard

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Shard is a creature from the higher world, with a head in the shape of a purple diamond. Shard wanted fame and recognition in the human world and challenged the king of the music world FNF. Boyfriend did not yet know about the superpowers of the powerful Shard, and easily accepted the challenge. Everything was fine until the battle began, also on the terms of a space rival, to his songs: “Prismatic”, “Resurrection”, “Calamity”, “Deities”, “No-Newton”, “Undisturbed” and “Calamity-Boss-Mode”.

Boyfriend was a little confused when Shard started to take the first notes, but quickly gathering himself, the guy asks you for help. You can’t let the super-being Shard win the battle. To do this, without being distracted, follow the arrows that run across the screen. As soon as they come into contact with fixed symbols of the same shape, immediately press the corresponding key. Survive to the end of each song, and you can do this if you accurately manage to press each key.