FNF vs Sly Remastered

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Boyfriend went with his girlfriend to the mall for shopping where he met Sly. Sly is a tall guy with a red hoodie and purple spiky hair. Sly has been waiting for a long time for another meeting with Boyfriend, hoping that someday he will be able to defeat the King of Music. This mod has received an update, and added a large number of new songs, so the battle is not this time will last for a long time.

For performance in this mod are the following songs that can be sung in two game modes: “Wow”, “Hoodie”, “Quake”, “Rematch”, “Reality”, “Nightmare”, “Roger”, “Sly”, “Demise”, “Guns”, “Quake Remix”, “Slyception”, “Wow Classic”, “Hoodie Classic”, “Quake Classic”, “Demise Classic” and “Resonance”. Ready to help Boyfriend win? Then be attentive and don’t make any mistakes in your keystrokes. You need to click only at the moments of connection of identical shapes. Hold on until the end of the music and become a winner right in the middle of a huge shopping center.