FNF vs Spamton

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Spаmton is a man in a black leather jacket and multicolored bright glasses who first met in Deltarune. Spаmton always wanted to be the best in everything, which is why he came to the FNF as soon as he learned about the popularity of this world. Now the guy in the leather jacket wants to get a place in the music market, and invites Boyfriend to hold a musical battle to determine the strongest vocalist, to the songs: “To be a”, “Big Shot” and “Nows Your Chance”.

Spamton in his cool glasses just wants to divert your attention from the main task. Do not fall for the provocations of the villain, but watch the arrows flying on the screen. You need to sing all the songs to the last note. To do this, click on the arrow keys when the same pair of symbols matches on the screen. Repeating misses several times will lead to defeat, so try not to rush, but press each key you need in time and accurately, and in some cases you will even have to hold down one key if the arrows on the screen have a “tail”.