FNF vs Suicide Mickey Mouse.AVI Neo Remix

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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A suicide and disgruntled Mickey now looks much more fun than before. This mod added a futuristic neon glow to the classic black and white version of the game, which will dilute the sad mood of the mouse and bring colors to it. The original songs have also changed a little bit and become rhythmic new remixes, under which the battle between Mickey and Boyfriend will take place according to the same rules.

Neon Mickey is not as sad as before, and therefore he has more strength to fight. Although it will be even a little easier to play than before, since the arrows will no longer blend into the background of the game, you should not relax. Watch out for bright neon signs that move from Boyfriend’s side. As soon as they come into contact with fixed identical symbols, click on the keys corresponding to them. Your task is to survive until the end of each song, and this is possible if you do not make mistakes and miss too often.