FNF vs Sunny

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Sunny is one more unaccurately drawn character that resembles Bob, who was previously an antagonist of Boyfriend. Sunny has also decided to become a star in the music arena and challenges the King of Music, Boyfriend, to a music competition. This funny character did not come alone, but also invited his girlfriend, the same carelessly drawn girl, who, if Sunny loses, will try to defeat Boyfriend on the ring.

Sunny and his girlfriend have prepared six new songs for the battle: “Sunny Day”, “Bizzare”, “Horrid”, “Ape”, “Zigzag” and “Beastly”. Although it’s a great day outside, it’s not the time to relax. In order for Boyfriend not to lose the duel, you need to accurately perform all the songs to the end. As soon as the running arrows on the screen reach the fixed grey symbols, click on the corresponding key. Don’t miss notes, and make accurate keystrokes so you don’t have to start all over again.