FNF Vs Sussy Mussy Nussy Wussy Tussy Russy Lussy Kussy

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Boyfriend is back on the spaceship, where he meets a red astronaut. Only this time, Impostor has lost a lot of weight, and gotten some pointy-nosed. Will you be able to out-sing the funny Among Ace in the rhythms of three rounds of battle? The track list consists of the following tracks: “Sauce”, “Sees” and “Soos”.

You can play in one of two available modes – Story and Free Play. Concentrate on the pieces that run upwards across the screen. Watch only the right side of your screen, because these arrows are responsible for your notes. Don’t miss the moment when the symbols are compared to the reflections, and click on the keys that respond to them. Bring your melodies to the finale and show your superiority.