FNF vs SVS (Spy vs Spy)

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Spies from the Mad comic decided to break into the FNF headquarters to steal secret materials. As soon as one of the bandits has already made his way into one of the premises of the building, Boyfriend and his girlfriend happened right there, and are ready to stop the impudent one with the help of the rhythms of the music. The battle of spies and the King of the music world will be held under the next songs: “Check it”, “Masuno”, “Combustile” and “Spywhack”.

Spies are able to skillfully manage everything, including musical rhythms, but by all means Boyfriend needs to stop the bandits here and now. To do this, the guy needs to cover them in four songs. Watch the arrows that move on the screen from the side of the BF, and when they reach the stationary displays at the top, click on the corresponding keys. Try not to lose a single note, because if you start making mistakes often, you will quickly lose the battle, and the spies will finish their cunning plan, which cannot be allowed. Concentrate, and try to endure to the end of each song with the best result.