FNF vs Teasing Master Takagi-san

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This mod is based on a popular Manga called “Master Takagiya-san”. All the action of the game takes place in one of the school classes. First, Takagi san will fight with the King of the Musical World Boyfriend, and then she will try her luck in a battle with one of her classmates to the rhythms of the following musical compositions: “takagi”, “nishikata”, “candysale” and “baseball”.

Takagi thinks she’s the best, but it’s time to dispel her self-confidence and show her that musical talent must be special to always be the best. The rules for winning every song remain the same – play every note and sing to the last one. To do this, you need to perform the task accurately and correctly and don’t miss often. Click on the arrow keys only at those moments when the symbols of the same shape, which are responsible for the notes of your character, converge.