FNF vs Wii Sports Guests

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The most athletic guys of the FNF world have come together to finally defeat Boyfriend to the beat of their tunes. Even Pico will have to join in tonight to help Boyfriend in this uphill battle, as the champions of boxing, tennis, and baseball are here. The arena is closed for the upcoming battle, which will take place with a microphone in hand. Rackets and other attributes are not allowed in the music arena.

For some, sports and for others, music is their life. Whether the sports guys can defeat the King of the music world, we’re about to find out. The battle will take place in three stages to the songs: “Home Run”, “Ace” and “Knockout”. To win, you must perform the song to the last note. To ensure that the song doesn’t cut off early, you can’t make many misses. To do this, follow the arrows on the screen, and in a timely manner click on the keys that correspond to them. Clicks must be exactly at the moment when the paired symbols touch the top of the screen on Boyfriend’s side.