FNF vs Yacker (Sonic Colors)

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Yacker is a funny little alien octopus that appears in the Sonic Colors series, and is the guide of Hedgehog and his fox friend. Boyfriend and his girlfriend find themselves on a distant planet that is inhabited by strange aliens. These creatures perfectly understand the human language, but do not speak it. Before Yacker helps GF and BF get home, they have a little fun.

In order for Yacker to help the couple return to their world, he must be overcome in the rhythms of the songs “Reach for the Stars” and “Speak wiyh Your Heart”. Although the alien doesn’t speak human language, it catches the rhythms of the music perfectly. Overcome the octopus will be possible only by qualitatively performing the tracks. Click on the arrow keys synchronizing them with the rhythm of the music. Try not to skip pieces often, and you can survive until the final and become the champion.