FNF X Pibby Battle for Corrupted Island 2.0 (VS Pibby BFDI)

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The darkness is once again upon the BFDI universe. However this time it has not swallowed the world whole, and every inhabitant of this universe has not become glitchy and subject to the virus. Pibby rushes to the rescue while Boyfriend is away. Will the cute little creature be able to handle the ailment on her own, or will she call on the help of the still-healthy heroes? There’s no time to think, you have to act quickly, because there’s still a lot of work ahead.

In order for the virus to disappear, it must be eradicated by the rhythms of music. To do this, you need to help the heroes who are on the right. They are not subject to the virus, and are guided only by your hints. Click on the arrow keys, at the time of connecting the signs in the right places. Perform the following songs and treat the seriously ill: “Verzephobia”, “Who Marks the Spot”, “Pudgy”, “Even Primes”, “Half of Four”, “Lost Value”, “Loved Idols”, “Hatred”, “Pines and Needles”, “Exited”, “Bashed Friendship”, “Prevented trust”, “Budge Cuts” and “Error”.