FNF X Rian The Stickman

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Stickman Rian is a typical representative of his pixel world. Since childhood, Rian loved to sing songs under his breath, when he grew up, he became an unfortunate performer in his world, where he had already earned notorious fame. Today, Stickman with the same attention found himself in the world of FNF, and wants to fight with the king of music – Boyfriend. As Rian is a musician, he brought with him 8 songs, under which the reflection of musical talents will pass: “Skill”, “Adaptation”, “Achievement”, “Break Beat”, “Hopeless”, “Optimistic”, “Nightlife” and “Wreckage”.

Rian is well acquainted with all his songs, so it is important for you to catch the rhythm of each one in order to sing them to the end, because the opponent is ready to fight to win, which we cannot allow. In order to defeat Stickman, carefully and without distraction, watch the arrows on the screen, which will move from bottom to top when it’s your turn to sing. As soon as these arrows coincide with the fixed gray symbols, immediately press the key with the corresponding arrow. Try not to miss a single key, as several mistakes in a row will lead Boyfriend to defeat in the tournament.