Friday Night Amazing Digital: Funk Off Reality

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Together with Boyfriend and Girlfriend you will go on an alternate reality adventure based on the world of Digital Circus. After Boyfriend finds virtual reality glasses in a trash can and learns to use them with Girlfriend, something incredible happens: the glasses teleport them to another world. In this mysterious virtual space, Boyfriend transforms into a cute robot and Girlfriend takes on the guise of Bonbon and Choochoo. But there is little time to explore the new environment as Caine challenges Boyfriend to a rap battle. Then other musical challenges begin, with Jax, Pomni, and Ragata taking part. 

For the caped robot to become a winner even in virtual reality, you need to be attentive and fast. Deftly click on the arrow keys to catch the track notes on time. Don’t miss the moments of connecting the same shape of symbols so that the robot doesn’t fake. You’ll also discover two bonus songs, including “XY”, which you need to explore and bring to perfection so you don’t lose. Can you beat the challenges and get back to the real world?