Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) Vs Among Us Impostor V2 (Sussy)

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Description and purpose of the game

The second part of the FNF mod, which has already managed to be loved by many people. And this is not surprising, because a dangerous and sinister character appeared in the game – Impostor. He is armed and ready to attack Boyfriend, but the musical duel exists to prevent bloodshed and resolve the issue peacefully.

How to play

Here, as in the first version of this mod, you need to fight a traitor from the popular game. It is necessary to click on the keys at the moment when the arrows touch their pale counterparts at the top of the screen. If you miss or hurry, you will come one step closer to losing, and this should not be allowed in any case, because then the girl will go to Impostor.