Friday Night Funkin’ vs Boyfriend’s Circulation

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Description and purpose of the game

Khan’s beloved Renai’s Circulation is a masterpiece that you can now perform yourself. It is important not to be mistaken here, because at stake is the heart of your beloved claimed by the singer himself. Get ready for a tough challenge, because this mod not only adds Kahn, the performer of the anime track, in a pale pink outfit, but also complicates the process of the battle.

How to play

There is only one song in this mod, but it will be so difficult to perform that it will take a lot of practice. Make the sound louder and try to be in time with the music. Renai’s Circulation is so dynamic and unpredictable that your fingers will simply stop obeying you, but you cannot give up, because you need to defeat Khan and win the heart of your beloved.