Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cye

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Description and purpose of the game

This mod adds not only four brand new songs: Far Heaven, Moon High, Cosmos and Space Duel, which will impress every fan of the series of games, but also the newest character – a space cat named Sai. He decided to fight for the title of the best performer in the Universe and chose the boy in the cap as his rival. At stake is not only the title, but also the heart of the lady sitting on the column.

How to play

The space cat Sai is able to defeat anyone who stands in his way to the title of “the best musician of the galaxy” and to the heart of a beauty. You must prove your superiority over him. Click on the arrows when they are inside the corresponding figures at the top of the screen. Get ready to click the keys like never before, because here you have to show some decent dexterity to become a winner.