(Friday Night Funkin) VS Scratch Cat `FNF

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Description and purpose of the game

Scratching Cat this time is the main villain of FNF, which the boy in the cap must confront. Despite the fact that he is quite cute and harmless in appearance, this Cat is able to tear anyone in a musical duel. Boyfriend is waiting for a hot battle over four rounds, where he will have to perform the songs “Blocks”, “Movement”, “Scratches” and “Ailurophobia”.

How to play

In order not to give victory to the tenacious paws of the Scratching Cat, you need to keep your eyes on the arrows and have time to click on them at a certain moment. As soon as the flying symbols are on a par with those located above the BF cap, you need to click the corresponding keys. In this way, points are earned and the more there are, the less likely you are to lose.