Mii Funkin: vs Eteled

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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We offer you to be transported to a colorful universe, where a guy with blue hair and his girlfriend – GF are waiting for you. They will have to pass many tests on their way to the dance championship. Opponents will periodically send difficult tests and if you successfully complete them, the victory will be on your side. In this modification you will meet a crazy man, who only walks around in a black suit.

This character has no hair and eyebrows, so he looks even more crazy than he really is. Also, he carries an axe in his hands to make him look scarier. Are you ready to face him in a dance battle and show who is the real dancer in this game.

Unlike previous modifications, this version has no colorful background, its place is taken by the usual white endless space on the horizon and the tiles under the feet of the heroes. Despite this, the game keeps the users in suspense until the very last moment, you will have to try hard to defeat this madman. If you are not yet familiar with the rules, then we advise you to first take a little training, and then start the game on easy levels. Match the arrows moving on the screen of your device with the keys on the keyboard and press them in time.