FNF: Arrow Funk

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The musical world of FNF never ceases to delight players. This time, the beloved heroes have changed a lot and transformed, even the beloved Daddy put on shiny golden glasses, but he is also serious about winning, as before, because he is not ready to give his daughter to the first person he meets. Boyfriend is now also a little different than before, but his musical talent cannot be taken away, so he proudly enters the musical arena and is ready to perform all the new songs: “Fresher”, “Reboot”, “Nightfall”, “Rap King”, ” Virus” and “Bittersweet”.

Two musical weeks ahead, and the sea of ​​fun is just beginning. In order for Boyfriend to prove his status to everyone, and deserve the heart and recognition of his beloved girl, you need to defeat each antagonist. In the main menu, you can choose the mode in which you are ready to start the battles: the story mode will make you feel everything that happens in this game, and in free play you can sing along with Boyfriend any of the available songs. The task remains the same – to sing the song to the last chord. As soon as the arrows on the screen match the colorless outlines, press the corresponding key. Do not repeat the mistakes, because in this way the BF will not be able to finish the song, as it will be interrupted ahead of time.