FNF vs Whitty

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Bombhead Whitty is one of the most dangerous FNF antagonists in the world, so instead of having a lit bomb that could explode at any moment. Being close to such an existence is not only scary, but also very extraordinary. But what do you do when this burning rock star appears too close and offers a musical battle? Of course, beat on the rhythms of music until the victorious finale, which is what Boyfriend is going to do, because his beloved is at stake, which the one who wins the musical duel will take for himself.

To prevent Whitty from taking Girlfriend, you need to immediately enter the music arena and help Boyfriend win the match. Your help is to press the arrow keys in time when the multi-colored symbols flying on the screen coincide with their motionless outlines above the BF’s head. Watch the success rate at the bottom of the screen, which displays the correctness of keystrokes. If you don’t miss, then Boyfriend will be able to sing the song to the end. Otherwise, the guy will have to start all over again.