FNF: Pico’s School

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We have posted fan modifications of the FNF universe many times before, but we are sure that you are looking forward to the next development. Well, we won’t disappoint you and present you a new musical version of FNF. This time you will have to try hard, because you will have a really strong opponent, and in his place will be Pico. Have fun at the party, and at the same time test your reaction and reflexes. Pico is a fearless guy who has no pity for his opponent. Can you beat him in a dance challenge to one of five electrifying songs? Answer this question in this game.

The rules may seem complicated, but they are not; all you have to do is click the arrows on your keyboard so that they correspond to the symbols displayed on your screen. At first it may be difficult, but if you make an effort, you can become a champion and pass even the most difficult level. We wish you luck in this exciting and colorful interpretation of the classic Friday Night Funkin.